Olga Georgitsia is a Ukrainian artist based in Paris.
She works in the field of painting and digital art. Her art is based on the study and reflection of today’s culture and philosophy that dominate the mass consciousness in our globalized system. In her work, she focuses on colors contrasts and perspective techniques; the perception of depth reaches a point on the canvas that fades to black or often even goes beyond the boundaries of the canvas, creating an effect of infinity.

Her acrylic paintings appear to be digital through the multiple layering of acrylic paint. The smoothness and ephemeral glow of the color gradients of acrylic paint convey the aesthetics of the three-dimensional image.

Olga Georgitsia finds inspiration for her work through Postmodern philosophy. She explores global themes in modern society such as the “disappearance of individuality,” “disorientation in contact with technology” and “existence in a system of collective
consciousness,” which lead to questions such as:

“Are we really the ones deciding how we should be?”

“How should we behave?”

“How should we act?”

“What do we have to like?”